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Spring Session 2019 Updates


Spring Session 2019 Starts Feb 2019

Stay tuned for additional information

WYBT Hawaii Tournament


Congratulations to our Boys and Girls teams. Boys finished 2nd and girls finished 3rd in their divisions. Thank you for your hard work.



AAU Club Number WY5W5A


Please create an AAU membership for your child and link it to our club #WY5W5A. Use the link below or go to play.aausports.org.


Have a GREAT High School Season Bear Cubs


Our Bear Cubs team members represent Piner, Cardinal Newman, Maria Carrillo, Analy, El Molino, Windsor High Schools

Bear Cubs in Kona


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No upcoming events.

Thank You Bear Cub Families

Thank you players, parents, fans and coaches. You made this Spring Travel Season fun, challenging and memorable. 

CUBS- Thank you for always showing up and giving us your best. We appreciate everything you did to elevate your games this season. It's going to pay off this year. Please continue to work on your game and  strive to be the best version of yourselves on and off the court. 

PARENTS-  Thank you for …

  • The long hours you spend sitting in the bleachers watching your children at games or practices.
  • The many miles you put on the car as you travel to games, practices and tournaments to support your children.
  • The hours you volunteer to help your children’s teams.
  • The hugs you give your children, win or lose.
  • The support you show the entire team, not just your own child.
  • The way you support your children’s coaches, even if you don’t agree with them.
  • The way you understand that there is more to life than sports, stats, awards and getting your own child’s name in the paper.
  • The sacrifices you make so your children can play – money and time. 

COACHES- Thank you for your selfless acts of kindness. Your passion, dedication and most importantly your time you gave this season. Thank you Chris, Anthony, Paris, Braxton, Flint, TC, and Keith!

We hope you all had as much fun as we did this season!

Rob and Vixay-


About Us

Santa Rosa Bear Cubs Story

The Santa Rosa Bear Cubs Basketball Club is a year round youth AAU basketball organization. The club is family oriented, owned and operated. The goal of the organization is to not only teach the fundamental skills of basketball but also to teach life skills. We believe that participation in basketball, and sports in general, provides much needed exercise but also teaches the youth to understand the importance of sportsmanship. Winning is wonderful and we all love to win, but learning how to lose is just as essential. Every day we face obstacles and some days are better than others. The same goes for playing basketball. We have good games and bad games. We strive to provide tools to help assist on the basketball court and to also assist with daily life.

A Tradition of Team Spirit


"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team" Phil Jackson

Thank You to our Families


A simple "Thank you" to our families for enabling us to do what we love.


Bear Cubs in Action

Fundraising Efforts


Working on a Sunday raising money 

Giving Back


Enjoying the holidays together at the Daniel's House while collecting food for the community

Marcus Johnson Memorial Foundation Annual 3:3 Basketball Tournament


Supporting our favorite charity: 

The Marcus Johnson Memorial Foundation


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Monday Training Sessions Video

Check out this great video of our teams working hard!