About Us

Bear Cub Family


Great kids and wonderful families define us

Committed to Excellence


Dedicated Volunteers


Why We Started



We recognized the need and wanted to invest in the development of our kids.


Family Experience

We all have been through various sports clubs throughout our area and wanted something different. We wanted more than just basketball games. Our small club developed into this incredible extended family of amazing people that banded together for the common goal of supporting and positively impacting our kid's basketball journeys. 


Our Kids

We do it for our kids. We are a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization with the expectation of making our kids better people both on and off the court. We are proud that we have great kids from almost every high school in our area wanting to compete with each other in an competitive fun environment.


Vixay "V" Chantha



Rob Johnson



Marc Anderson


 My name is Marc Anderson, I currently coach girls basketball at Piner High School; I also am the Athletic Director and work on the administration side of discipline at the school, as a Student Advisor. I played basketball all 4 years at Maria Carrillo High School, and moved on to the Santa Rosa Junior College. I’ve been coaching for almost 5 years, I started coaching at Boys and Girls club, then worked my way up to the high school ranks- Elsie Allen High School, now I’m at Piner High School. Coaching the game of basketball and guiding my players to learning the life lessons of becoming a successful individual, which correlates to becoming a successful player on the court, is my passion. I love watching the NBA, the LA Lakers are my favorite basketball team (pre- LeBron James). I admire Coach K from Duke, I’ve watched him coach for years as he took a mediocre basketball program and made them into national contenders, every year after he won his first national title in 91’.