Sponsorship Programs


We believe that every kid deserves the opportunity to participate in our basketball program. That's why we keep our cost low but unfortunately it's not enough to cover the expenses. This year we are turning to the community and our extended families to ask for support. We are asking for donations to offset fees and expenses for some of the families of players who cannot afford to play. Unfortunately, our budgets are not adequate to cover all the expenses as we strive to keep the fees low. None of our coaches are salaried employees, they are all volunteers that donate their time to ensure all the players have the opportunity to participate. In the past, although we have held fundraisers, coaches needed to contribute money from their own personal funds to help cover the team expenses. 


Some expenses associated with the league are gym rentals fees, uniform fees, tournament fees, travel fees and training equipment.


If you could help us with a donation of any amount, it will be greatly appreciated and will help to cover the costs of team expenses for the entire 2018 season.

With the generous support of people like you, we will be able to help many of these families and the kids to enable them to participate in a productive activity that encourages team work, self-confidence and personal development.


Thank you again, and we look forward to your support.